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Sports & Sparkles was birthed out of Brittanys  passion for fashion and innovation. Brittany is well-known on social media for ‘reworking the HELL outta” sportswear! Her designs have caught the eye of several celebrities and performers in which she’s designed custom pieces for tours, shows, events, campaigns and more. Brittany has a sincere passion for sustainability and believes in taking efforts to preserve the planet and minimize waste - especially in the fashion industry. Her unique design aesthetic serves as a visual representation of that commitment. Brittany is a self taught designer and seamstress who has been honing her skills for years. She is a perfectionist who puts all her heart and energy into her work. Her designs are so super creative that oftentimes people say “how did you think of that”?! In the blink of an eye…a pair of regular sweatpants will be transformed into a sexy corset with lace detail and a super cute mini skirt to match!  Thats just how lit she is!


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