“The Quarantine Collection” by BeElle


Steppin’ on they necks! These heel covers are the perfect accessory to maximize your shoe collection. Super chic design that will make you standout in a crowd.


-Reworked from Nike biker shorts

-Made to be worn over heels… appears as boots

-Made with spandex 

-Can be worn with any height pointy toe heel

-Has non-slip grippers on the bottom that acts as a show bottom



*NOTE: All items are reworked and custom made-to-order, so no 2 items will be exactly the same. There could be some slight variations from item to item based on the original item(s) and/or materials used.

(Model is 5’7, size 9 shoes)



    *All items in this collection are custom pieces. They will be made to your specific size & measurements.

    *After ordering, you will receive an email within 72 hours requesting your size specifications and additional details of the order. 

    *All items are made to order and customized, so please allow 4-6 weeks for completion of your items. 

    *This collection is made to be exclusive and one-of-a kind, so to keep the exclusivity for our customers - there is a select number of each item that is available for custom order. So order fast! 

    *Any additional questions you have please see FAQ in our menu options.