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  • Turn any fabric whether it be your boyfriends jersey or your favorite sports team into a custom corset! This corset is an old school design with super fitted structure for a super snatched waistline.

    $250 price is the base price to be paid before we begin. The full price will be given once we confirm the design. Additional fees are only added for more complex ideas.

    This price does not include the material. The item you want me to use needs to be mailed to for use. Pictures and videos will be sent to you for approval through out the process. This will be a one of a kind piece! We will work together to come up with the perfect design before production starts. Tons of design options! You can either send me your item to rework or I can find something for an additional fee!

    Custom Corsets


      • Turn around time is 4 weeks from finalized design and material arrival.
      • Shipping included
      • Can use pretty much any materials
      • please verify your email is correct so that we may correspond immediatly. 

      Chat with us for more details...

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